Tucker Carlson Firing Knocks Fox News’s Stock Price While Leftists Rejoice

(TotalConservative.com) – Fox Nation subscribers upset with the sudden firing of Tucker Carlson canceled their subscriptions en masse after the news broke on Monday if a slew of Twitter testimonials is to be believed.

Fox’s press release on the morning of April 24th simply said the network and Carlson “agreed to part ways” and that his final show had aired Friday. Many commentators were surprised that Carlson wouldn’t even be given a goodbye show, including former CNN anchor Brian Stelter, who likened the sudden departure to the TV equivalent of an execution

Thousands of tweets suggesting they were canceling their subscriptions were hashtagged with Tucker Carlson, Fox News, and Fox Nation. The drop in subscriptions paralleled a similar drop in Fox New’s stock price, which took a 5% hit before recovering a couple of percentage points over the course of the day.

Numerous leftists were thrilled he was fired, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said “de-platforming works” and “good things can happen” in a short video she published on social media regarding the departure. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) demanded he be removed from television a month ago after Carlson aired footage from January 6th released to him by Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

That footage mangled the Democrat narrative that the event was a vicious insurrection by showcasing footage of peaceful protesters wandering around the Capitol. Infamous Q-Shaman and veteran Jacob Chansley was suddenly released from prison shortly after the episodes aired. Carlson highlighted how Chansley was escorted by police during his trek through the Capitol.

MSNBC talking head Nicolle Wallace took the opportunity to accuse Carlson of being Vladimir Putin’s American mouthpiece. He dared to criticize the Ukrainian war effort and outlined that Putin has no further European territorial ambitions beyond Ukraine. For that sin, Wallace suggested he was the literal manifestation of “Russian propaganda on American media.” She also took the opportunity to act as a NATO mouthpiece, accusing Russia of “atrocities” while ignoring any of the same from the Ukrainian military.

This will not be the end for Carlson, he was swarmed with offers almost immediately from alternative media. What he does from here is really up to him, and without the chain of a major media conglomerate, he’ll be completely free to speak his mind.

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