Tweet Deleted: Steven Van Zandt Calls For Murder Of Republicans

( – In a shocking display of radical leftist sentiment, Bruce Springsteen’s Guitarist Steven Van Zandt expressed an incredibly irate series of tweets. Thinking better of his call to “exterminate” GOP “cockroaches,” he deleted that one but he didn’t walk it back. Instead, he blamed “Russian bots” and “MAGGOTT cockroaches” for daring to criticize his extreme call for violence.

Perhaps Twitter isn’t the best place for folks prone to emotionally laden rhetoric. In an earlier tweet, Van Zandt blamed gun violence on “Republican White Supremacist scumbag cowards” in response to TN reps calling for gun control.

After deleting the call for violence against Republicans and conservatives, he went back to targeting the group which he seems to believe is subhuman. In a litany of what he believes Republicans do best, he encouraged critical accounts to “harass a Trans event,” “go shoot some kids,” stop “Black people from voting,” and “take away some women’s rights.”

This isn’t Van Zandt’s first time wading into the political realm. In 2016, he advocated for states to be punished for passing “really vile and evil” religious freedom laws. That followed on the heels of a cancellation of the band’s Greensboro, NC show over the then-controversial LGBT bathroom bill which restricted access based on biology.

Van Zandt encouraged economic harm in order to make “people understand,” during an interview with Rolling Stone. He characterized Republican legislation as “really vile and evil,” and comparing it to a virus he spoke of it spreading “from state to state” with his desire to “catch it early.”

It’s truly ironic that leftists continuously bemoan the rhetoric of dehumanization and mass genocide while seemingly deploying it themselves against their political enemies. Democrats, and especially trans-radical activists make wild claims of genocide and conservative bigotry while their representatives encourage the same thing. In reality, there is no “trans genocide” to speak of, and most transgender folks who suffer violent ends are killed by their domestic partners or during an adult romantic encounter. Many more die by suicide, even those who are considered affirmed and have received ‘gender-affirming care.’

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