Ukraine Launches Massive Drone Attack in Russia

( – The war between Russia and Ukraine continues to heat up as Russia takes another large drone attack on multiple regions at once, the largest on their soil in over 18 months.

Ukraine targeted six different regions in Russia simultaneously overnight on Wednesday, hitting the northwest region near Estonia called Pskov and the Moscow region, as well as four regions south of Moscow: Bryansk, Oryol, Ryazan, and Kaluga.

The strike in Pskov damaged the city airport and four military aircraft for transportation were destroyed, and all flights canceled on Wednesday. According to the mayor of Pskov, the resulting fires were quickly contained and no casualties were sustained. Pskov was the only region that suffered damage from the attack. Multiple drones were shot down over the other regions, which had no damage or casualties.

Just hours after the mass drone strike on Russian soil, the Kremlin retaliated against Ukraine by bombing the capital city of Kyiv on Wednesday morning. The attack damaged buildings and killed two Ukrainians. The Kyiv military said the city hasn’t “experienced such a powerful attack since spring.”

A few Republicans are speaking out about the war, but there seems to be a general bipartisan agreement about continuing to fund Ukraine’s counteroffensive efforts while the average American struggles financially.

The leading Republican candidate, former President Donald Trump, is one of the few outspoken voices calling for de-escalation in the conflict. He even claimed he could end the war between the two countries “in 24 hours” if re-elected by getting Putin and Zelenskyy in a room together.

So far, over $113 billion has been allocated to Ukraine by Congress to fund their counteroffensive, which has been ongoing since 2014 and escalated in February 2022 when Russia invaded Ukraine. The money went toward military expenses, government, and to provide humanitarian aid to civilians.

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