Ukraine Suddenly Finds Funds for Its Own Weapons

( – Ukraine will manufacture its own weapons as foreign investment in its war against Russia is drying up around the world. Politico is reporting that Ukrainian authorities, including President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, announced the sudden discovery of money in Ukraine’s national budget that could be used to manufacture new weapons.

The announcement followed the passage of a spending bill in the U.S. Congress that authorized the continued funding for the U.S. government without carving out additional funds for Ukraine. The funds authorized by both houses in Congress will allow the government to keep the lights on through November 17th, and despite a recent trip by Zelenskyy to the U.S., lacked any additional funding for Ukraine.

Republicans in Congress have been concerned about corruption in the Ukrainian military, a perennial problem in Ukraine.

Ukrainian leaders were able to hammer out a series of deals with defense industry representatives and Zelenskyy claimed those deals are in the process of being signed as we speak.

The Ukrainian military has been chastized for corruption as well as incompetence. They were recently blamed for an artillery ammo shortage due to their misuse of the weapon. Ukraine wants assurances from Western contractors that they’ll build and invest in Ukraine even before the war ends. Some companies have already agreed to help them. German manufacturer Rheinmetall will help Ukrainians develop their own tanks and armored vehicles in-house. British BAE may soon open an office in Kyiv and manufacture 105mm guns in the country.

Meanwhile, European and American leaders are quietly or anonymously complaining that the diversion of weapons and vehicles to Ukraine is harming global readiness. With the situation in the Middle East flaming up, as well as China continuing to eyeball Taiwan, Ukraine is not the only area of geopolitical concern around the world.

The Ukrainian war has been very profitable for military contractors and weapons dealers around the world.

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