Video: Mother Confronted After Killing Her Newborn

( – Body cam footage from police interviewing 19-year-old Alexee Trevizo has gone viral due to the dramatic moment being caught on video when they inform the young woman and her mother that she was being detained for killing her newborn baby and stuffing it in a hospital trash can.

The doctor informed them in the presence of officers that they had discovered a dead baby in the trash in the bathroom after she had been in there for a long time. Trevizo began to cry and said she was sorry and that it came out of her and she didn’t know what to do.

Her mother said “I told you about this,” and stated that she just wanted her daughter to tell the truth. Trevizo responded that she was scared and that the baby wasn’t crying or otherwise responsive. The mother elaborated that young women go to jail for killing their newborns instead of doing the right thing.

She had presented at the hospital with back pain and denied being pregnant upon admittance despite a positive pregnancy test. After she had been in the restroom, a custodian discovered blood and found the baby’s body in a trash bag carefully covered with clean linens to conceal its presence.

Just a few weeks back another 19-year-old woman was convicted and sentenced to over a decade for putting her newborn baby into a plastic bag filled with other garbage and throwing it into a commercial dumpster outside of a mall last year. Alexis Avila was found guilty of attempted first-degree murder and intentional child abuse, per Law and Crime.

Thankfully, that child survived and was rescued by folks who were dumpster diving looking for anything valuable. They found something valuable alright, they heard cries coming from the bag and were shocked to find a newborn baby. Surveillance footage captured Avila exiting her car and tossing the bag containing the child casually into the dumpster. The baby was found approximately six hours later.

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