Woke Denver Councilwoman Wants White Business Owners To Pay

(TotalConservative.com) – A woke city councilwoman facing a runoff in a June election wants white-owned businesses to finance reparations for slavery in Colorado. Denver city council member Candi CdeBaca, who identifies herself as a Democratic socialist, wants a race-based tax to reinvigorate the business districts in Denver.

Viral footage of CdeBaca elaborating on her proposal can be seen on Twitter, it was shared by Libs Of TikTok, a frequent social media commentator that shares particularly outrageous footage of liberals and progressive to a primarily conservative audience. CdeBaca responded by blocking the account.

Her office also issued a statement claiming she’s the victim of a “white nationalist mob,” implying anyone who offered criticism or outrage at her wealth-redistribution plan must be a white nationalist. James Lindsay would call this Identity Marxism, where Marxism is repackaged into a race based on context making it more palatable for American audiences. In typical fashion, anyone who opposes or critiques their ideas is attacked and slandered instead of engaged in a vigorous debate on the issues.

Complaining that “capitalism was built on stolen land,” CdeBaca presented her proposal at a meeting of the Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance where she then suggested white owners be subject to additional taxes that would then be redistributed to businesses that are owned by “black and brown” people.

Seemingly failing to understand federal law, she argued that the plan was not illegal because the taxes would be voluntary. That was contradicted by a report from 9News who spoke with Courtney Meihls at the Denver Department of Finance. She said the taxes levied by the district “are required” and thus “not voluntary.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t a proposal residents can vote away, as her opponent, Darrel Watson, also supports using race-based reparations for business improvement districts (BID) in ‘underserved communities.’ A BID is operated by local business owners, politicians, and residents who can raise taxes for the collective improvement of the district. The move would make businesses suffer financial damages or acquire benefits depending on the color of the owners’ skin. Does that sound American to you?

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