20 Hamas Soldiers Apprehended in Hospital

(TotalConservative.com) – The Israeli military captured 20 Hamas soldiers hiding out in a civilian hospital after staff alerted them to their presence.

Military officers were present at a Khan Younis hospital in Gaza awaiting the delivery of oxygen tanks. Once they were alerted to the potential presence of armed Hamas fighters additional special units were deployed to the hospital to root them out.

Soldiers located and subdued Hamas’ fighters without firing a shot and negotiated a peaceful surrender of the men. Footage shows them placing weapons and items on the ground while standing around shirtless.

Israeli military representatives suggested the incident is a typical example of Hamas and its policy of using civilians as human shields. They said that the men were taken into custody and will be interrogated in Israel.

After the men were arrested, the military ensured the delivery of 20 oxygen tanks to the hospital. Military officials said that they took extra care in the operation to avoid disrupting critical medical procedures and to prevent harm to patients and staff in line with international law.

The Al-Amal hospital has faced tremendous difficulties administering adequate medical care to residents of Gaza as the war continues to strain resources and injure more civilians.

Gaza Health Authorities report over 68,000 injuries and 28,000 deaths thus far with the suggestion that the number of dead is a conservative estimate; many bodies remain under rubble and will not be discovered until the conflict abates.

Khan Younis has seen a lot of fighting in the past few weeks as the Israeli military attempts to bring its incursion to a close. President Joe Biden has pressured Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to end the war, but so far he’s been disinclined, citing military objectives.

Rafah is now the most occupied city in Gaza, with an estimated 1.4 million refugees. The Israeli forces are expected to begin an attack on the city to destroy remaining Hamas fighters hiding among the populace and locate the remaining 136 hostages taken during the October 7 attacks.

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