Americans Weigh in on the Biden Classified Documents Controversy

( – Ethics concerns continue to rise over a recent revelation that incumbent President Joe Biden violated the chain of custody protocol with documents obtained during his vice presidency to Barack Obama.

The Associated Press reports that the Justice Department is investigating the discovery of documents with classified markings at Biden’s think tank attorney offices. Biden’s home in Delaware is now central to the investigation since more documents were found inside a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette located in the residence’s garage.

On January 13, Constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley explained these ethics issues live on Fox News.

During his appearance, Turley refuted Democrat arguments that Biden’s possession and transfer of the documents were inadvertent. Turley highlighted the evidence revealing the documents were moved at least twice while in Biden’s possession.

Turley explained that this would mean he would have to have repeatedly inadvertently moved the documents, which is not a likely scenario. He further argued that it was “impossible to defend” any arguments about the classified documents inside the Corvette at the residence. Storing classified documents in a personal vehicle is a “gross mishandling” of classification protocol.

Republicans and Democrats seem to be, in part, united in disdain over this gross mishandling of documents. Talk show hosts Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel, both leftist comedians, made Biden’s document breach part of their late-night sketches.

As Americans weighed in on the scandal, the Republican party took to Capitol Hill. Republicans argue the double standard of Democrat response to Biden’s breach of protocol compared to Trump.

Former President Donald Trump has been under criminal investigation for classified documents found at his private estates of Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida.

The Associated Press compiled a side-by-side comparison of the Biden and Trump controversies. The AP tried to argue that Biden’s cooperation with the DOJ and volume of documents was not comparable to that of Trump, a narrative that appears to fail to hold water across a wide audience.

A special counsel has been appointed to the Biden case.

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