Biden is Three for Three – When It Comes to Leaving Americans Stranded

( – For the third time since taking office, President Joe Biden has failed to help American citizens escape a region in conflict.

The Biden administration is now facing backlash on all fronts regarding foreign policy, even from Russian President Vladimir Putin who said US foreign policy in the Middle East has been a “failure” as shown by the recent surge in conflict between Israel and Palestinian radical militant group Hamas. And back at home, the president is under scrutiny from Republicans about possibly bolstering Iran who allegedly helped plan the attack by Hamas, according to their leaders and leaders of Hezbollah. Now he’s facing criticism for not helping Americans stuck in the region get back home.

Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel last week, killing hundreds and taking several hostages, some of whom are Americans. Many American citizens are also stranded in the area as flights were interrupted and are pleading with the US government to help them get out of the warzone. Biden told those trying to leave to book a flight or find options on the ground, a suggestion the president made hours after airlines already announced halting services in and out of the Holy Land. An estimated 9,000 Americans were left behind in Afghanistan after the military withdrawal.

The situation is familiar to those paying attention to the current administration, which faced widespread backlash for its sudden and disorganized withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021. The pull-out left many Americans stranded in the country as the Taliban moved in to seize control of the government. The Biden administration all haphazardly pulled out of Sudan in April of this year, leaving thousands of US citizens behind after the embassy was abandoned.

It seems the Biden administration isn’t concerned with US citizens abroad when they’re stuck in sticky situations. To this day, the president touts the Afghanistan withdrawal operation as a success.

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