China Thinks (Hopes?) Trump Would Abandon Taiwan

( – Spokesman Chen Binua for China’s Taiwan Foreign Affairs Office said that the American First agenda of former and potentially future President Donald Trump may allow Taiwan to be discarded and thus assimilated by China if Trump wins in November.

The comments came Wednesday, January 31st, after a reporter asked about Trump’s July comments in which he lamented Taiwan’s dominance of the semiconductor market and key position in the U.S. supply chain.

At the time Trump refused to comment on defending Taiwan from Chinese aggression by suggesting any firm comment he made on the point would weaken his potential negotiating position in the future.

In an interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo, Trump said that “90 percent of the chips” were made in Taiwan and highlighted how we used to make our own computer chips here in the U.S. He accused Taiwan of taking “our business away,” and suggested lawmakers could have stopped the export of American manufacturing overseas. Trump added that trade tariffs could have been used as one possible alternative.

Folks immediately criticized Trump at the time for blaming Taiwan, with some suggesting that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership would be thrilled to hear the remarks. Brian Hart is with the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ China Power Project and he told Newsweek that CCP actors have been weaponizing social media to spread doubt about U.S. willingness to defend the tiny island nation.

China has been increasing its belligerence in recent months, not only with regard to Taiwan, but also in the South China Sea, harassing commercial and military vessels out of the Philippines as well as Japanese fisherman and navy assets.

Taiwan is currently the global leader in manufacturing semiconductors and related technology. There are multiple companies that work in concert to produce the advanced materials. Hart highlighted that Taiwan outcompeted the U.S. market which is how it ended up in the current position as global leader. He suggested any Chinese attack on Taiwan would cause global economic problems due to its position at the top of the electronics supply chain.

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