Colorado Illegally Invites Non-Citizens to Vote After Giving Them Driver’s Licenses

( – Tens of thousands of foreigners received an invitation to vote in Colorado’s elections, just prior to the 2022 midterms. While the news hasn’t made waves in national or local media, the story is crucial, especially when elections have become politically contentious or have razor-thin margins. Did it impact the outcome? No one knows exactly, or if they do, they aren’t telling.

A distinct lack of critique can be found in local media, with very few outlets reporting on the story. Whether or not the problem was addressed and rectified still remains to be seen, could this happen again?

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold never explained what happened. They blamed a problem between their statewide voter roll and the master’s list for driver’s licenses in the state. Could this indicate that giving driver’s licenses to non-citizens is a bad idea?

After public records requests, the Public Interest Legal Foundation found documents that blamed an unspecified “data analytic error” that resulted in foreigners who were legally ineligible to vote being sent invitations to register in the mail. Authorities with Sec. Griswold’s office has been mum when it comes to more specific information about what happened.

Another large problem, other than the impact illegal votes can have on the outcome of an election, is that registering or voting in this manner could threaten any applications for citizenship or asylum in process for these individuals. They could even be deported.

When asked about it by Moffat County officials, Deputy Secretary of State Christopher Beall flat out refused, citing “potential legal issues.” In other words, they’re in trouble and they know it.

This obfuscation prevents officials from determining if indeed any of these individuals registered or voted in violation of state and federal law. Not only have Colorado officials bungled their voter registration process by inviting 31,000 non-citizens, but they’re also abrogating further clarification and investigation, likely to cover their own backsides.

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