Despite Biden’s Claims To The Contrary – Thousands Still Flooding Across the Border

( – Despite President Joe Biden’s claims that a new, stricter border policy is being implemented on the southern border, thousands of migrants from supposedly banned Title 42 countries are being allowed to cross into the US.

The Biden administration announced in January that citizens of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela must “request to come to the United States in a safe and orderly way” by filling out an application from another country and obtaining the necessary documents to allow entry before flying into the US to stay. President Biden warned that anyone whose applications are denied or who attempts to enter the country “unlawfully… will not be allowed to enter.”

Contrary to the president’s statement, migrants from the countries stated are still being allowed to cross over the border and claim asylum. Shelters in El Paso, Texas, are being overrun and have reached 130% capacity. El Paso is one of 71 different checkpoints Customs and Border Protection operate along the southern border. Over the last week, an average of 300 migrants per diem were released into the community over the last week according to the city dashboard.

During the pandemic, the Title 42 measure was put into place that allows the quick expulsion back to Mexico of migrants crossing the border from most Central and South American countries. With the reasoning of stopping the spread of communicable viruses, thousands were processed and expelled under Title 42, but now the measure will be coming to an end on May 11 leading to concerns that a fresh surge of migrants will immediately follow.

According to officials at Homeland Security, the number of migrants who attempt to cross from Mexico could rise from over 5,000 currently to 13,000 a day after the expiration of Title 42.

One of the ways Biden’s administration is preparing for the looming surge is by proposing a rule that will make any migrant who fails to apply for asylum in another country that they’ve previously traveled through ineligible for asylum in the U.S. Many Democrats, of course, are not happy with this proposition.

Meanwhile, Republican senators are proposing an expansion of Title 42 to include the increase of drug smuggling as an epidemic of its own requiring the measure to stay in place.

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