Female IDF Combat Squad Targeting Hamas

(TotalConservative.com) – An Israel Defense Forces (IDF) unit composed entirely of women claims they’ve killed nearly 100 members of Hamas.

According to Lt. Col Or Ben-Yehuda, commander of the Israeli Caracal Battalion, her unit managed to take out around 100 members of the Palestinian militant group Hamas in the southern part of Gaza after fighting erupted following a coordinated invasion of Israel by Hamas, on October 7.

The commander said she and her battalion responded immediately after receiving a message reporting on the infiltration near Nirim and Sufa. Ben-Yehuda told her soldiers that they would go out “to eliminate terrorists” and that the “infiltration into Israel” is “spreading.” She also told them to “stay alert” as they “might cross paths,” a warning against friendly fire indicating the battalion was spread out. “We are a strong squad,” Ben-Yehuda added.

Fighting between the battalion of ladies and Hamas militants went on for almost four hours. In total, it took the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) nearly 14 hours to secure the Sufa base.

Ben-Yehuda says “there are no more doubts” when it comes to female soldiers, who she says “have triumphed” each time they’ve encountered “terrorists.” The commander claims that the battalion is responsible for defending 11 Israeli towns and that they’re “preparing” for any other potential maneuvers on the ground “to ensure the safety” of the southern border along the Gaza Strip and the Egyptian border.

She also specifically acknowledged her tank soldiers, claiming they played a key role in protecting the border towns. Eleven of them perished during combat.

Israel claims that Hamas killed around 1,400 and took another 200 over the border as hostages. Another alleged 5,000 Palestinians died in Israel’s siege following the attack. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced or injured in the conflict, which has been ongoing for three weeks.

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