Free Housing, Medical, Food, College – NYC is a Migrant’s Paradise

( – NYC Mayor Eric Adams wants to send illegal immigrants to college, isn’t that nice? They won’t have to pay a dime thanks to taxpayers generously contributing their hard-earned dollars to cover things like tuition, residency, and meal programs.

The pilot program is estimated at the bargain level of only $1.2 million, but don’t worry, that’s just an estimate based on two semesters at SUNY. The actual cost of the program hasn’t been disclosed, and depending on the number of applicants it could balloon rapidly.

The experimental program will be overseen by the recently established Office of Asylum Seeker Operations, which are the dedicated city employees busily reshuffling migrants around to various occupied hotels or temporary shelters. They’re also offering them legal help, a 24/7 arrival center for new illegals, medical, food, clothing, and now a college education.

Sorry Americans, this help isn’t available if you’re a citizen. Center for Discovery spokesman Michael Rosen told the New York Post that the mayor’s office was “giving us money” for a range of school supplies, dorm stays, and meal plans.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) spoke the truth about the plan, suggesting Adams was attempting to establish “a permanent welfare system for illegal immigrants” as he endlessly aids the so-called seekers of asylum.

As recently as October, the mayor declared an official state of emergency due to the influx of illegal immigrants continuously shipped up from the southern border. Estimates put the number of migrants who have passed through the city at around fifty thousand, while the city continues to provide for 31,000 in hotels and shelters across the five boroughs – the cost of that is roughly $4.6 million per day. NYC has become the unexpected parent to all these people, providing all their basic needs while now attempting to offer college to the new arrivals.

The reality of the situation is that the city cannot continue to hand out endless amounts of resources to non-American citizens, all of whom entered the country illegally. Current estimates are suggesting the city will splurge over $4 billion taxpayer dollars on illegals now through the end of FY2024. Adams is also suggesting additional spending on job training and relocation.

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