Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp Declares State of Emergency, Activates National Guard

( – After a fiery weekend last week in Atlanta, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp expects more violent protests and riots in Atlanta, declaring a state of emergency. The Republican governor activated 1,000 troops of the National Guard to be deployed in Atlanta to prevent any more damage.

This decision comes in response to violent clashes the previous weekend when anti-police protesters hurled rocks and fireworks at cops and even set fire to a police car in front of the Atlanta Police Foundation.

The protests and riots were a reaction to the shooting death of 26-year-old environmental activist Manual Esteban Paez Teran on January 18th. Teran and a group of companions were protesting the building of a new police training facility in Atlanta for $90 million.

Teran and the other activists were encamped on the construction site, and when police moved in to expel them from the grounds, Teran opened fire on a Georgia state trooper and was shot and killed in return. The trooper was wounded and brought to a local hospital for surgery.

Calling for a “night of rage” following the incident, anti-police protesters took to the streets last Friday and things got messy. Three businesses were damaged by bricks, their windows shattered, and at least two police vehicles were attacked, one of which was torched.

A total of six suspects – three men and three women – were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism, and some of them even had explosives.

The state of emergency will last until February 9th when it will expire, after which it will have to be renewed by the governor if he feels it’s necessary to extend it. Kemp stated that although Georgians respect peaceful protest, they “do not tolerate acts of violence against persons or property.”

It should also be noted that five of the six who were arrested during the Atlanta protests were from out of state.

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