Homeless Encampments in Portland Becoming a Major Problem as Residents Ask for Help

(TotalConservative.com) – Portland, Oregon, seems to be getting worse and worse. The once peaceful community has had a growing epidemic of homelessness, drug addiction, and radical left-wing activism egging on the crisis. One neighborhood, in particular, is being turned upside down by a growing homeless encampment.

One neighbor, Gwen Ingram, reported to Fox 12 Oregon that her community used to be peaceful until the first homeless resident came onto the scene in a camper, then the population increased to an unmanageable level. Some are now sleeping on private property, stealing, and even invading homes.

Ingram said some will scream at residents and threaten them when they walk by.

And left-wing activists are only exacerbating the problem. Rather than offering up space in their own homes and neighborhoods to the homeless, they are randomly pitching empty tents on the street for anyone who wants to use them. Instead of being permanently lived in, many tents have become places for drug use and other activities.

Another neighbor, who is now afraid to even go outside to retrieve her mail, said there were no issues “until the tents started moving in.”

Residents feel helpless in the situation and feel the police haven’t done much to mitigate the growing problem. They are witnessing people overdose in the street and countless first responder calls, but even when the police are called, they say there isn’t much they can do now that drugs are decriminalized in Portland.

In February, one family in southeast Portland reported that they were terrified when homeless squatters began lighting fires that sometimes spread onto their property, which also ignited a propane tank, according to resident Jacob Adams. Although neighbors expressed sympathy for the struggle of the homeless and mentally ill, as Adams told Fox 12 Oregon, “at the point when they start setting your place on fire it becomes a little more difficult” to do so.

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