Hunter Biden’s Attorney Puts Laptop Repairman On Notice

( – One of Hunter Biden’s many attorneys, Abbe Lowell has deposed John Paul Mac Isaac, the previous owner of a computer repair shop where Biden took three laptops for repairs in April of 2019 and then never returned or paid for the services, according to Fox News. They cite an unnamed source close to the matter.

Isaac reports that two of the three machines were beyond repair, but the third was recoverable and became the source for the now infamous Hunter Biden laptop fiasco in which hundreds of incriminating email messages, pornographic photos and videos were found and their existence publicized shortly before the 2020 election.

That story was largely defamed as “Russian disinformation” which saw it censored from major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube on the basis of claims made by ex-intelligence officials and then-employees of the FBI. The major problem there is that the story was entirely true, and the laptop was later confirmed to belong to the President’s son by his own admission. Someone has recently put the images from the laptop online in a new digital archive.

Isaac said that upon discovery of the material he informed the proper authorities. The FBI first made a forensic copy of the hard drive and then later returned with a warrant for its confiscation. The laptop’s existence was denied, ignored, and then largely accepted as legitimate with the New York Times and Washington Post running stories acknowledging the inconvenient truth.

Now Hunter Biden is suing Isaac through one of his many teams of lawyers for revealing ‘private information.’ Isaac maintains that the laptop and its contents became his legal property once the owner failed to return for it or pay for services rendered. He also claims that he’s become the victim of a national defamation campaign in order to silence him for simply telling the truth.

Isaac has active defamation suits against Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), CNN, The Daily Beast, and Politico for claiming he was some kind of ‘Russian asset’ and encouraging targeted harassment which forced Isaac to close his business and flee the state of Delaware. The legal battle over this incriminating content is far from over.

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