Joe Biden’s DNC Speech Pumped His Imagined Wild Success While Blaming Trump Fans

( – A delusional Joe Biden blamed “MAGA Republicans” for his failures Friday, April 28th during a Democratic National Committee soiree. Calling the last two years “progress,” he lambasted Trump’s supporters for wanting to undo all the advances his administration has made in the last two years on the economy, ‘reducing’ inflation, ‘improving’ infrastructure, ‘securing’ the border and his ‘historic’ appointments. Why would anyone want to oppose his magnificence?

He also thanked himself for restoring America to a leadership role in world events. He claimed he was responsible for the creation of 12 million new jobs and an incredibly low unemployment rate of 3.5%. Even CNN thinks it’s closer to 5%.

But be warned, Joe Biden said that all these wonderful successes are “under attack” from “MAGA Republicans.” Vowing never to give up even an inch, Biden promised to continue to advance his agenda and finish the job. His many future promises included growing the economy, codifying the murder of the unborn into law, eliminating gun rights, and lowering prescription drug costs.

Warning that the “real problem” is from those pesky MAGAs, which he said are roughly 30% of the Republican party, he reminded people that this Republican party is new and much more dangerous than prior iterations. Among the many dangers include restrictions on abortion, keeping adult-themed books out of elementary schools and public libraries, and securing the border.

Ignoring 2022 Democratic losses, and severe dips in his approval ratings, Biden charged ahead making fun of the “red wave” predictions of the midterm election while ignoring the fact that his party lost control of the House, and as such his son is now being investigated for real, along with a host of financial shadiness involving overseas business deals in China and Ukraine that directly financed the Biden family.

Asking donors for more funds to help him compete, Biden assured listeners that with their help, they could win in 2024. The geriatric 80-year-old then shuffled off stage to wild applause from the gathered Democrats.

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