Kim Jong Un Says There is No Plan For Reunification with South Korea

( – North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un ordered the dissolution of organizations within his government responsible for coordinating relations with South Korea on Tuesday, January 16th, according to state media. Kim designated South Korea as the “primary enemy” during his speech.

The dissolved agencies included the National Economic Cooperation Bureau, the National Committee for Peaceful Reunification, and the Kumgangsan International Tourism Administration.

Reunification is largely seen as impossible as the two nations are “locked” in a confrontation, according to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). The North Koreans claimed that continued dialogue along the lines of reunification was futile or even damaging to their country.

Kim suggested that all thoughts of reunification should be purged from the minds of the people. He added that the only reunification possible would be in the event of a war that left North Korea victorious and occupying the south. He also prioritized the need to spread propaganda among the youth which paints South Korea as the primary enemy of their nation.

Kim wants all channels of communication between the north and south to be cut completely. He also suggested removing railway tracks that connected the two and tearing down a monument to reunification.

Kim added that he wasn’t planning on starting a war, but was willing to fight one should South Korea and the United States attempt it.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol highlighted how the speech displayed Kim’s delusions. Yoon added that South Korea would defend itself if provoked. He called Kim’s threats a “fake peace tactic” and suggested the threats were ineffective.

North Korea recently launched a medium-range missile into the sea north of Japan on January 15th, further increasing tensions. South Korean sources reported that the missile flew ~600 miles before coming down into the ocean between the Korean peninsula and Japan. The missile allegedly tested a new solid-state fuel system as well as a hypersonic warhead.

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