Mexican Attacks Leave at Least 24 Dead, Including Officers

( – Three individual attacks in Mexico on October 23rd resulted in at least 24 deaths, including a dozen cops, according to Mexican authorities. The worst attack occurred in Guerrero, in the city of Coyuca de Benitez. The entire area has been inundated with conflict as authorities battle cartels who are engaged in a litany of crimes from drug to human trafficking and mass murder.

State prosecutor Alejandro Hernandez revealed that at least 13 were killed in that attack and two more wounded. Eleven of the dead were police. Unidentified attackers opened fire on a convoy transporting an unidentified senior state official. It’s unknown at this time if the official was killed in that attack, but Mexican media has reported as much without official confirmation.

A separate incident occurred in Michoacan, resulting in four civilians killed along with another cop. Two more people were wounded in that attack. Gunmen had assaulted the brother of the mayor of Tacambaro, according to statements from the state prosecutor. The mayor’s brother survived the attack, escaping with unspecified injuries.

A third attack on Monday occurred in central Mexico killing at least six and wounding two, according to authorities. The attack happened in San Miguel Canoa, a rural town roughly 75 miles outside of Mexico City.

Mexico has frequently combated cartels and corruption and government numbers put the number of people killed in the conflict since 2006 at nearly half a million. The murder rate tripled since then, to 25 murders for every 100,000 residents. There have also been over 110,000 missing people since 1962, with the vast majority being blamed on violent crime.

The Mexican states of Michoacan and Guerrero are frequently settings for armed conflicts between cartels and authorities.

Historically violence escalates in the period before elections, Mexico will have elections for president and Congress next year. Mexican history buff and analyst with International Crisis Group Falko Ernst called the current levels of violence “extraordinary” despite historical trends on X (Twitter).

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