Migrants Continue to Camp Outside of Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen

(TotalConservative.com) – For over two days now, migrants ordered by the city to leave the Watson Hotel in Manhattan for a new location in Brooklyn continue to camp out in front of the hotel surrounded by activists, media, and police.

Last Sunday, a brief scuffle erupted in front of the Watson Hotel as migrants blocked a bus from leaving. Many chose to board the buses to be shuttled to a new location at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, while dozens more chose to resist and refused to leave. Support soon came from activists who provided tents, food, and other resources.

New York City faces a serious problem that only seems to be escalating, as over 43,000 new arrivals have entered the city since last spring. Mayor Eric Adams, who visited the U.S.-Mexico border just a few weeks ago and called the situation a “national crisis,” continues to plead with the White House and FEMA to provide emergency aid and assist with the situation.

The migrants housed in the hotel were all single men, and the mayor decided to move these men to a new mega-shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in order to house migrant families in the Hell’s Kitchen location instead. Some did leave initially and then returned to the hotel, unhappy with the accommodations of the new location.

All of this is playing out at the same time that President Joe Biden visited Manhattan on Tuesday and completely ignored the hotel incident and the migrant crisis in general. Instead, Biden paid a visit to a new $292 million rail tunnel construction site in the Chelsea neighborhood alongside the Hudson River and attended a fundraising reception for the Democratic National Committee instead.

Buses have remained outside the hotels and many of the migrants have boarded, while others took their luggage and set off on their own to seek accommodations elsewhere, yet dozens still remain parked in front of the hotel without budging.

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