MTG Thinks Another War is Coming

( – Republican House firebrand Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is suggesting that America could find itself in a hot war due to Democrat shenanigans after Trump swept the Iowa caucus on Monday, January 15th.

Posting on X (Twitter), Greene suggested that the establishment is “desperate” and Trump’s lead is only going to continue to grow over time. She further suggested that war in the Middle East is the only way to successfully distract the American people from Joe Biden’s disastrous domestic policies and the failing war in Ukraine.

Greene added that war is “good business” and maintains the defense industry, keeping it flush with cash. She highlighted how war is also good for corporate media, the drama driving ratings and thus advertising revenue. Greene said that Trump’s upcoming win in 2024 is going to be historic, giving the Democrats very few options.

Greene said that the “next war” will involve everyone in a way that we won’t want and suggested it could be more deadly than any conflict we’ve seen in generations.

Trump swept the Iowa caucus taking 51% of the vote. His win was historic in terms of the plurality of his support as well as the margin of success. Trump demolished George W. Bush’s 2000 Iowa caucus numbers, Bush received 41% of the vote that year. Trump also set a new record for widest margin, beating his runner-up Ron DeSantis by 30 points. The prior record was held by Bob Dole who beat George H.W. Bush in 1988 by 12 points.

Trump suggested that he wanted everyone to come together under an American First banner in his victory speech Monday night. He invited Democrats, Republicans and Independents to come together and support him.

Greene has been largely supportive of Trump and has opposed the war in Ukraine. Republicans have become much more critical of funding the ongoing war in Europe while many endorse funding for Israel in its war against Hamas. She highlighted how Ukraine canceled its elections due to the war and added that Democrats would love to have that option here.

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