Mystery Shrouds Death of Russian Oil Boss

( – Another wealthy Russian has died at Russia’s second-largest oil company, leading some to suspect foul play, despite the man dying of a heart attack. Vladimir Nekrasov, 66, was chairman of the board at Lukoil. Russian media is reporting that preliminary conclusions indicate he died of acute heart failure while at home in Moscow.

Nekrasov avoided being hit with Western sanctions and is reported to have held not one, but two EU passports in addition to his Russian citizenship. The UK-based Sun is reporting that he also had Austrian and Czech Republic passports.

Putin’s critics have pointed out several sudden deaths have occurred among the Russian elite since the invasion of Ukraine. Nekrasov follows 67-year-old Ravil Maganov to the grave. Maganov reportedly fell out of a window while staying at the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow in Sept 2022. He was getting treatment for a chronic heart condition at the time according to Russian authorities.

Another Russian billionaire was found dead in May of this year after he got some bad advice from a shaman. Alexander Subbotin, 43, was a top executive at Lukoil and owner of a shipping company. It’s theorized that he ingested toad venom which caused a heart attack.

Putin’s critics have claimed that a further 39 other deaths of high-profile Russians could be the work of the Kremlin. Sergey Grishin died from septic shock shortly after he sold Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle their California estate. He was a vocal public critic of Putin.

Andrey Botikov, a scientist credited with the creation of the Russian Sputnik V immunization was strangled to death in his home.

Retired US Army Intelligence Officer Mark Toth called Putin’s regime a modern-day “Murder, Inc.” Murder, Inc. was a contract killing organization that killed over 1,000 people in 1930s America. He said that Putin’s obstacles tend to find themselves tumbling out of an open window or suffering from a sudden heart attack.

There’s no evidence that Putin has anything to do with the spate of recent deaths and that the conjecture resembles the Clinton Body Count, a list of dozens of individuals allegedly killed by the Clintons due to their close connection.

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