Navy Seals Discover Missile Parts Destined for Houthis

( – U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) announced their discovery of a dhow or sailing vessel that was illegally transporting weapon components from Iran to Houthi rebels in Yemen. Naval forces raided the vessel overnight and discovered missile parts, warheads, and other weapons technology in the vessel. They said that the parts all had markings which indicated they came from Iran.

Navy SEALS with the USS Lewis B Puller executed the raid, losing two of their men in the process. The men were lost at sea and search and rescue operations continue to attempt to locate them.

USCENTCOM’s press release said that they found ballistic and cruise missile components. The Yemeni Houthis have been launching missiles and suicide drone attacks against commercial shipping vessels in the Red Sea that they believe are affiliated with Israel. Simply coming to or leaving from an Israeli port is enough to earn the ire of the Houthis.

The Houthis maintain they are fighting alongside their Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza who are being subjected to an ongoing Israeli military occupation.

The U.S. recently began Operation Prosperity Guardian to protect commercial vessels operating in the Red Sea after multiple shipping companies temporarily paused shipments through the area due to the violence.

The U.S. retaliated on New Year’s Eve striking dozens of different locations in Yemen with over a hundred different bombs and missiles. The U.S. strikes resulted in 10 deaths and two injuries, according to Houthi media.

The Houthis had previously fired a missile hitting a cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden on January 15th on the coast of Yemen. The anti-ship cruise missile did minimal damage and caused no injuries. The vessel was able to continue on its journey. The attack supports prior claims by the Houthis that they will continue to execute strikes on vessels in the area.

Iran also launched a missile strike on Erbil, Iraq, near the U.S. Consulate, claiming that they were retaliating against “spies” and “anti-Iranian terrorists” who had carried out attacks within Iranian cities.

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