Navy Takes Administrative Action Against Former White House Physician

( – Following a controversial report from the Department of Defense (DOD) three years ago, the US Navy quietly demoted a former White House physician after their investigation found that he mistreated subordinates, drank heavily, and also took sleeping pills while on the job.

Rear Adm. Ronny L. Jackson, who once served under former President Donald Trump as a White House physician, never publicly acknowledged that he was sanctioned for his unprofessional behavior on the job. The GOP congressman from Texas still describes himself on his website as a retired rear admiral even though he was demoted in 2022 to captain.

In their report, the Pentagon recommended that Jackson’s conduct during the Obama and Trump administrations warranted disciplinary action.

In a statement on Thursday, March 7, the Navy said that the DOD investigation yielded findings that showed Jackson did not uphold “the standards” it “requires of its leaders,” resulting in “administrative action” against him in July 2022. Some of those findings included drinking and taking sleeping pills on the job, as well as mistreatment of staff members subordinate to him.

Jackson, who did retire from the military a couple of years before the demotion, has been a consistent and outspoken supporter of Trump. After the former president’s indictment in New York last year, Jackson accused the Democratic Party of hating Trump and his voters. He added that they “will pay” after Trump wins the White House again.

In his memoir, “Holding the Line,” Jackson called himself a “Trump person.” He also wrote about the investigation, which he said was a political hit job. Jackson wrote that if he had not involved himself in politics after his retirement, the probe “would have never gone anywhere” and that he was waiting to see how it would play out.

He revealed that the DOD shared its findings with him the day after the inauguration of President Joe Biden. The book came out shortly after his demotion, on July 26, 2022, but Jackson did not mention it in the memoir.

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