Norway’s Military Chief Issues Dire Warning

( – Norway’s highest general is suggesting that Russia is going to launch a major offensive on European territories within “two, maybe three” years. The announcement seemed to correlate with similar rhetoric coming out of Germany.

Norwegian Gen. Eirik Kristoffersen suggested Moscow’s military stockpiles were increasing rapidly, while Western countries have yet to firmly restructure their economies for war. Countries under the NATO banner have drained their stockpiles, sending all their older munitions to Ukraine, according to Norwegian outlet Daglabet.

Kristoffersen said that they only have a few years to build up their defensive apparatus and prepare for the possibility of a Russian invasion. He encouraged Norwegians to have a stockpile of food and suggested that the world is becoming less predictable.

Kristoffersen added that Moscow made the switch to a war economy and it has the support of North Korea and Iran. Considering Norway and Russia share a border, he suggested the possibility of future war is real. He suggested the population prepare itself and have several days of supplies in case of sudden disruptions. He added that vulnerable individuals should make more elaborate preparations.

The sentiments seemed familiar after German newspaper Bild published leaked documents suggesting the German Defense Ministry was quietly wargaming potential scenarios about a future war with Russia.

One of the scenarios in the leak was named “Alliance Defense 2025” and suggested Russia would mobilize some 200,000 ground troops to roll through Ukraine and begin an invasion of the Baltic states within a year.

The documents allege Putin would time the attacks to take advantage of the transition period between presidential administration in late 2024.

Swedish military leader Mikael Bydén and NATO committee leader Adm. Rob Bauer expressed similar concerns during a summit on Thursday, January 18th. Both men expressed sentiments suggesting European nations should prepare for more war.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has stressed their willingness to negotiate if there are serious proposals from the Ukraine, but added that the U.S. has to stop using Ukraine as a proxy to wage war on Russia first. Russia has repeatedly denied it has greater territorial ambitions in Europe.

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