NYC Opens More Migrant Shelters, Spends Billions On Their Welfare

( – NYC is busting at the seams with migrants and the financial burden of paying for them. Monday, March 13th brought the announcement of two new emergency shelters for illegal immigrants and so-called asylum seekers.

The Chandler Office building in Times Square will be converted into communal shelter-style housing for male migrants. The building used to house the busiest and most profitable McDonald’s restaurant until it was shuttered in June 2020 due to cough-related mass hysteria. The previous owner signed over the deed this time last year to avoid foreclosure.

Another commercial building in Brooklyn will also be converted into an emergency shelter. All of the 103 shelters for the migrants, except one, are currently in hotels that have been appropriated for the purpose due to their financial insolvency.

The New York Post spoke with Syed Hossain, a legal immigrant from India who runs a newsstand on 42nd street, near the Chandler building. He said that protests or crime would keep tourists from returning to New York, but if the migrants are spending cash that would help local businesses like his. He also expressed sentiments condemning a free-for-all of handouts, suggesting migrants need work. “When they’re given everything and have nothing to do, that’s when you get problems.”

City Councilman Robert Holden (D-Queens) was not happy with Mayor Adams’ plan. From free college to free housing, to free food – “where does it end and when does the taxpayer get a break here?” Holden further added that the Biden administration was responsible and the Biden administration should cover the expenses, not New Yorkers.

Meanwhile, radical leftists who want the border open to all, including child traffickers, drug smugglers, and cartels, are incensed that Biden’s people are considering bringing back family detention centers.

NYC’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) is backlogged with processing asylum requests until 2032, thanks to the liberal policy of letting everyone in. The announcement heralded the expectation that bad actors will abuse the lack of processing to escape detection while accruing taxpayer-funded benefits.

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