Russia Bombs Dam Near Border of Ukraine

( – A group of rogue Russian journalists are claiming that Russia bombed its own dam on Monday, January 21st. The report did not indicate or suggest whether or not the target was accidentally hit or intentional, but the dam did belong to Russia.

The weapon used was reportedly a Soviet-era FAB aerial bomb. It’s previously been criticized for having a lack of precise targeting. Russia has repeatedly damaged itself with friendly-fire since the attack on Ukraine began in late February 2022.

Earlier in January, Russia hit itself twice in one day with missiles. In another viral video, a Russian attack helicopter destroyed a Russian tank. In that incident, a Ukrainian pilot who defected to join the Russians attacked a Russian convoy rearming the Russian military.

The dam was located in the Belgorod area which lies on Ukraine’s border. There has been an uptick in violence related to the war recently. Ukrainian strikes resulted in 25 deaths on December 30th and triggered Russian forces to evacuate some residents.

The December 30th attack was considered retaliation by Ukraine for Russian strikes earlier which targeted key military installations. Some suggested the Ukrainians wanted to remind regular Russians that their country was at war.

ASTRA is the name of the Russian journalists go by. They communicate their findings largely through a Telegram channel. In a post from Monday, they suggested a Russian plane dropped a bomb in the area around Belgorod. The same channel claimed a FAB-250 bomb was discovered on January 21st in a pond nearby.

ASTRA journalists claimed there was some damage to the dam, but no residents were hurt.

Previously the Kakhovka dam was destroyed after being targeted by advanced weapons. Both Russia and Ukraine blamed each other for the attack and the subsequent collapse of the dam. The dam was providing hydroelectric energy to the area and has since been taken offline. Very little consideration has been given to the claim that Ukraine was responsible and used advanced weapons gifted by the U.K.

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