Russia Claims New Missile System Took Down 2 Dozen Jets in 5 Days

( – Moscow has claimed a startling win in their war against Ukraine, alleging they have downed 24 Ukrainian fighter jets in the last few days due to a new anti-aircraft missile system.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu made the claim during an inspection of a Russian command post in the independent republic of Donetsk, one of the breakaway regions in southeastern Ukraine attempting to break away from the regime controlling Kyiv.

Shoigu had previously been criticized by Yevgeny Prigozhin, the alleged mastermind of the Wagner Group attempted a coup in Russia in June this year. Prigozhin was killed in a plane crash in August after suggesting Shoigu was a traitor.

Shoigu said that their recently acquired missile system had destroyed 24 Ukrainian jets in just 5 days. It wasn’t clear when the claim was made.

He also congratulated the Russian troops occupying the command post. There has been no independent corroboration of the claim, despite Newsweek attempting to get further comment from Moscow and Kyiv representatives.

Shoigu also indicated that the Ukrainian artillery was “causing a lot of problems” for the Russian military and indicated that they would respond and adapt to the difficulties without getting into specifics.

The Russian Defense Ministry highlighted new winter equipment including insulated uniforms and boots that were being distributed to their soldiers in the region.

Heavy fighting has been observed in the city of Avidiivka with losses on both sides.

Putin said that Ukraine’s counteroffensive has been entirely ineffective, resulting only in massive numbers of dead soldiers on their side. He’s claimed that they are losing eight of their soldiers for every Russian they kill.

Kyiv has similarly claimed to have downed three Russian SU-25 jets in the week preceding October 17th. Conflicting reports are common during a hot war with each side attempting to gain the narrative edge over the other. The inability to determine fact from fiction during combat is known as the “fog of war.”

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