Russia Warns NATO Against Further Escalating Of Ukrainian Conflict

( – Russia gave dire warnings to NATO and the United States on Thursday, March 2nd during a conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov blasted western powers for “fomenting the conflict in and around Ukraine.”

Continuing he warned that the conflict was bringing nuclear powers into direct confrontation which could have disastrous global consequences. Western leaders skipped his speech and opted for a photo shoot instead, according to the AFP. Typical for the arrogant oligarchs who have constantly advanced the war, leaving untold thousands of Ukrainians and Russians dead or impoverished.

Poking the Russian bear further, Ukraine has requested membership in NATO. One of Putin’s original reasons for the invasion was to prevent that particular outcome. Ukraine even agreed they would not seek membership, however, in typical fashion when it comes to Ukraine and the war, they’ve reneged on that and have been begging to join the western military alliance as that would trigger World War 3 due to mutual defense pacts within the organization.

British ambassador Simon Manly agrees, claiming “their fight is our fight.” Is it? Most Americans don’t want us directly involved in Ukraine and haven’t since the beginning. While many are okay with sending weapons and other forms of aid, even that support has been waning over time.

Congress approved more Ukrainian spending on Friday, March 3rd. Another $400 million in equipment and cash will see bridge-launching vehicles, artillery, and other advanced and basic ammunition sent to Ukraine bringing the total released thus far to $32 billion. All of the aid is coming right out of our military stores, allowing for faster delivery while leaving the U.S. exposed. Crucially the spending in Ukraine has surpassed the annual military budgets of every country in existence except China, and the U.S.

Ukrainian and U.S. officials continue to ignore the corruption problem as taxpayers foot the bill. A host of Ukrainian officials were fired earlier this year after being exposed taking illegal payments via exaggerated costs of military contracts.

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