Russian Cruise Missile Carrier Hit by Drones

( – Ukrainian armed forces are claiming a recent win in their battle against Russia. They announced a successful attack on a Russian Buyan cruise missile carrier and another ship named Pavel Derzhavin.

Without revealing details, Ukrainians claimed they used Sea Baby armed unmanned aquatic vehicles or drones. They further claimed the attacks used experimental weapons.

A large explosion rocked Sevastopol in Crimea on Friday, October 13th. Crimea is a Russian territory annexed after a referendum in 2014 resulted in a dramatic majority choosing to join the Russian Federation after a coup in Ukraine the same year.

That coup led to bloodshed and violence between pro-Russia and pro-NATO factions within the country. Subsequently, Ukrainians in the southeast of the country formed two new republics named Donetsk and Lugansk.

Ukraine’s military warned Moscow to keep their vessels in their waters if they want to keep them.

Russia’s chief administrator of Crimea, Mikhail Razvozhayev claimed the explosion was part of a military exercise.

Two days earlier on October 11th, the Pavel Derzhavin took damage during a routine patrol of the Black Sea. Without revealing details due to the sensitive nature of their strike, a Ukrainian Captain with their Navy speaking with Radio Liberty confirmed they were responsible for the strike. Confusing the issue, there’s a Ukrainian vessel with the same name. Ukrainian representatives maintain that the Russian vessel was the one damaged in the attack.

Russian defense officials have not commented on the attack.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Western leaders are tired of funding the Ukrainian war effort. Lavrov pointed to an angry tirade from Romanian Senator Diana Sosoaca who lambasted Zelenskyy as an “arrogant and unconscionable traitor” to the Ukrainian people shortly before he was scheduled to visit to demand more weapons and money. A speech to the Romanian parliament was canceled, though Zelenskyy claims he never intended to speak.

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