Santos Starts Selling Personal Messages For Cash

( – Recently expelled former congressman George Santos may be done with politics, but it’s certainly not the end of his career as new doors begin to open for the disgraced former New York representative.

On a recent episode of John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight,” the host jokingly suggested that producer and writer Andy Cohen cast the former congressman as a character on the popular television franchise The Real Housewives, which airs on Bravo. Cohen responded to Oliver’s remarks the following day, less than keen on bringing Santos on board.

“Let me be clear,” Cohen said on his radio show. “We don’t want him.” Cohen went on to say that casting anyone with Santos’ “traits” (criminal activity and lying) would deceive his audience “like what happened with the people of New York State” who voted for him.

Oliver made his case, stating that although Santos couldn’t “deliver for his constituents” he still did so “for the rest of us.” The host said he may not want him in the government or to sit next to Santos “on an airplane,” but he “definitely” wants him on “The Real Housewives.” He told Cohen to call Santos “and pay him what he is worth.”

Santos is already trying to cash in on his fame on his own without Cohen or Oliver’s help. The former representative signed up for the website Cameo, where users can pay for personal messages from for any occasion, from birthdays and holidays to giving a pep talk or insulting the buyer.

Santos set a price of $200 for each message and described himself as a “former congressional ‘icon’” on his profile bio. He’s also set to be the subject of a new HBO film project based on a book about him detailing Santos’ controversial career and alleged crimes.

Santos was expelled from the House of Representatives last week in a historic vote of 311 to 114, marking the first time in over 20 years that a member of the House was voted out by their colleagues.

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