Schumer Rejects Calls for Cease-Fire in Israel

( – Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, took a hardline stance on the Israeli/Palestinian this week, denouncing pro-Palestinian protests and rejecting calls from others in his party for a cease-fire and supporting Israel’s retaliatory military response in the Gaza Strip.

Schumer told the New York Post on Sunday that he completely supports Israel and will make sure they have “everything they need” to fight Hamas and “totally eliminate” the group from Gaza.

Schumer also noted that he felt “vindicated” for standing against the release of money to Iran by former President Barack Obama after a leader of Hamas claimed Tehran and Hezbollah assisted in the coordinated attack on Israel earlier this month. The claims sparked additional widespread criticism of President Joe Biden from Republicans over releasing $6 billion in frozen oil profits to Iran in a prisoner exchange agreement in September, which Schumer and others are now seeking to block.

Schumer rejected calls for a cease-fire from fellow Democrats, such as “The Squad,” and said that Hamas “will do it again” if they’re “not eliminated.” Schumer along with four other members of the Senate were in Israel on Sunday and ended up in a bomb shelter after Hamas rockets from Gaza triggered air-raid sirens. The Majority Leader claims that all of the people, including the senators, were crying.

Schumer said he spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and told them that the US has their back and is “putting together a big package” of “everything they need” to “vanquish” Hamas. He did specify how big the package would be, only that it would be as large “as possible” and delivered “as quickly as possible.”

Over 1,300 died in the attack on Israel, and thousands more in the Gaza Strip after Israel’s response. The escalating conflict is driving a wedge between politicians in each party and adding further pressure onto already shaky geopolitical relations between the world’s major players. On the other hand, it is also creating unlikely allies between certain Democrats like Schumer and many Republicans.

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