Secret Service Keeps Biden’s Delaware Visitor List Secret

( – Following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for emails identifying visitors to the Delaware residences of President Joe Biden, the Secret Service is refusing to release the information, citing legal reasons.

After a period of seven months of searching through thousands of emails in order to comply with the FOIA request, the Secret Service is now refusing to provide these records

According to a FOIA officer, the “emails reflecting visitors” to Biden’s homes in Delaware “are not agency records subject to the FOIA,” citing a 2020 New York court ruling turning down a similar request for information about visitors to the residences of former President Donald Trump.

Last year, in response to The New York Post’s FOIA request, the Secret Service claimed that they could not locate records of visitor logs to Biden’s Delaware residences. The request was made after the story broke about mishandled classified documents discovered in Biden’s home. The Post appealed but was denied again by the Secret Service, who claimed an “additional search” did not yield any findings.

The recent request, which was worded more broadly, received a different response this time. Rather than claiming such records cannot be found or don’t exist, the Secret Service is claiming they cannot be legally released.

Kentucky Republican James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee looking into the matter, requested the visitor logs back in January in response to the revelation of mishandled documents. In response to the latest refusal to turn over emails, Comer criticized the lack of transparency of the Biden administration, which he says continues “to hide information at every turn.” Comer said the American people must know who visited the homes and properties of the president.

As all of this plays out, the Justice Department is nearing a decision on the president’s son, Hunter Biden, in the investigation of money laundering, tax fraud, and more. The possible links between Biden and the foreign ventures of his son and his brother James are also being investigated.

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