TGP Requests Official Investigation Into Censorship

( – The Gateway Pundit (TGP) discovered their website had been blocked by the House of Representatives internet administrators last Friday, December 1st. Rep. Matt Gaetz made the discovery and announcement on his podcast and posted a screenshot showing that he was unable to load the URL for TGP in a post on X (Twitter).

TGP reporter Jordan Conradson spoke with multiple sources on Capitol Hill, including another office that reached out to TGP to inform them they were blocked on congressional computers. Experts concluded that the block was initiated by someone doing IT for Congress.

TGP editor Jim Hoft published an open letter to Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) informing him about the block and inquiring about how it came to be in the first place. He also requested the ban be removed.

In the open letter, Hoft describes TGP as a conservative news outlet and his status as a lead plaintiff in the Missouri v. Biden case. He then informed Johnson that the House Admin Office declared TGP “unauthorized” for some unknown reason and requested the ban be lifted immediately.

TGP is an incredibly popular conservative news outlet recording ~2.5 million hits per day. Hoft’s status as a lead plaintiff in Missouri v. Biden would make him and his organization a primary target for Democrats and other authoritarians who believe speech must be tightly controlled.

TGP has also covered controversial stories like the FBI’s deception regarding its role in censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story in the run-up to the 2020 election. Censorship has even got to the point where foreign government officials have made requests that certain posts by Americans be removed from the web.

Emilie Robinson has covered the outright denial by federal officials that any censorship was happening whatsoever.

TGP reported that lawyers it consulted said it was highly unusual and unprecedented that a news website is banned by Congress. It anticipates the website will be restored and more details should be forthcoming as to who ordered the block and why.

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