Twitter Labels NPR State Media And Changes Its Logo To Match Dogecoin

( – Twitter is in the midst of making some tweaks to the website this week. Major changes include the subtle shift from the bird logo to the dogecoin dog logo in certain parts of the website and on its mobile app, and the addition of a label to NPR’s tweets and profile which makes it clear the news service is “US state-affiliated media.”

NPR CEO & president John Lansing was not amused. He called the new label “unacceptable.” Musk replied to a tweet by independent media personality Benny Johnson where the latter congratulated Musk on a job “nicely done” referencing the new label. Musk replied with a section of Twitter’s policy that made it clear the label is applied to any media in which the state in question exercises any control over the content. NPR takes public money and is also presided over by a bipartisan board of directors appointed by the president. If the shoe fits…

NPR was previously excluded specifically in a list of state-sponsored media, including the BBC, that were exempt from labeling previously due to “editorial independence.” Perhaps someone at Twitter realized they weren’t so independent after all.

Lansing railed that his corporation provides “independent, fact-based journalism.” When they put out pieces like “Understanding Multiracial Whiteness and Trump Supporters” which include, in the very first utterance of the podcast the phrase “the hate group The Proud Boys” one can reasonably conclude that their reporting is biased to the left.

Twitter also changed its logo to the shiba inu, an image very similar to the logo for Dogecoin, a meme-based cryptocurrency. The value of the joke coin fluctuates rapidly, and the change on Twitter boosted interest enough such that the value spiked 20-30 percent depending on your time points.

Elon tweeted out a reference to a joke made around this time last year where someone suggested he purchase Twitter and change the logo to match the meme coin, Elon agreed “haha that would be sickkk.” It seems he’s delivering on his promises.

Musk is also facing a lawsuit regarding the manipulation of the price of the meme coin. His lawyers are seeking to have it dismissed.

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