Wanted Criminal Shot By Armed Toddler

(TotalConservative.com) – A three-year-old boy has shot a murder suspect and his mother with the same bullet. Both individuals were not seriously injured. Trayshaun Smith was visiting the residence of Jalynn Artis when somehow, Artis’ 3-year-old son was able to pick up, aim, and fire a gun injuring both adults with a single shot.

Smith was arrested on an open warrant on suspicion of murder from neighboring Cook County, Illinois. Smith and Artis were friends, according to the cops.

The police were called to the residence on the evening of May 18th after a report was made of two people being shot. Police were not clear on how the child got the gun or the circumstances that led to him firing it.

While Child Services was informed, no immediate action has been taken in relation to the child being able to access and use a firearm. One would think child endangerment would be a concern.

Nearby Chicago is no strange to gun violence, with roughly half of city residents having witnessed someone being shot by the age they were 40. Young Artis is well ahead of the curve, it seems. The demographics are relevant with 56% of black respondents and 55% of Hispanic respondents having seen someone shot by the time they were 40. Only 25.5% of white respondents could claim the same experience. Roughly 7% of folks who replied had been shot themselves. The average age for witnessing a shooting was just 14 years old.

Crime has gotten completely out of hand in the Windy City. A twenty-year veteran prosecutor wrote a scathing resignation letter in which he called the city’s leadership “stupid” and responsible for putting the city “on a course to disaster.”

Jason Poje blamed the predictable failures in leadership for increases in criminal activity. He railed against a litany of policy changes that had negative impacts including getting rid of bail, shortening parole periods, lowering sentences, malicious prosecution of law enforcement officers, and intentionally ignoring crimes they didn’t want to prosecute. Vowing “I will not raise my son here,” Poje elaborated how gunfire is a regular occurrence in his neighborhood and he is thankful he has the means to leave the state.

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