White House Claims Illegal Immigration Is Down 90% Despite Record Crossings

(TotalConservative.com) – White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was roasted hard on Twitter for her statement that the Biden administration has reduced illegal immigration by 90% during a press conference on Monday, May 1st. Jean-Pierre made the outrageous claim in response to a question about how the Biden administration was planning to respond to the problem of illegal immigration. Jean-Pierre claimed he had already made efforts to deal with the problem “on his first day” in office. That was news to most people.

She claimed the administration’s approach was more “humane” and that the parolee program, which allows anyone into the country after a brief interview, is “so successful.” She then dropped the rhetorical bomb that thanks to the President, illegal immigration was down 90% without qualifying how she conjured that figure.

Social media users lambasted the ridiculous notion pointing out that illegal border crossings have hit all-time highs, multiple times under Biden’s leadership.

Washington Post Free Beacon reporter Chuck Ross suggested it could be the biggest lie the Press Secretary has told this year.

HotAir contributing editor Karen Townsend wondered how she still had a job.

Mike Sperazza of the Financial Guys podcast said that the folks at the White House “think we’re stupid.”

Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller called the current crisis “the largest tidal wave” of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. ever in record history.

Townhall columnist Derek Hunter implied Jean-Pierre might be foolish enough to believe the lies she’s telling while making a Ron Burgundy joke at her expense.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called it “a blatant lie” from the President. Continuing she elaborated that the crisis is the “worst border crisis on record,” that it was a creation of their failed policies, and now, they’re in denial there’s a problem at all.

A follow-up question asked if the White House felt more Republican action was necessary to address the problem. Jean-Pierre agreed, that they need to offer up legislation to help address the problem and suggested they stop pulling “political stunts.” She then complained about a lack of funding for immigration judges and asylum officers, as if that’s the problem before additionally blaming unspecified mayors and governors.

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