Megyn Kelly Changes Stance on Gender Ideology

( – Journalist and media personality Megyn Kelly, formerly of Fox News, is expressing deep regret for having supported so-called “gender ideology” in the past.

Kelly, who worked as a Fox News anchor from 2004 to 2017 and an NBC News correspondent until 2018, is now the host of her own live daily show on SiriusXM called The Megyn Kelly Show. The conservative journalist has also become more stern on the subject of transgenderism over the last few years.

Kelly recently interviewed 21-year-old Isabelle Ayala, who is a “de-transitioner” (someone who used to consider themselves “transgender” but has since desisted), and Jordan Campbell, Ayala’s lawyer. During that interview, Kelly gave a speech about her past self, bringing up an old segment she did about pronouns while working for NBC.

Kelly said thinking about her past position in support of using preferred pronouns, which she now argues only helped to propagate gender ideology, makes her “emotional” while looking at Ayala and “what was done to her.” She said that she now realizes she “was part of this problem” even if her “heart was in the right place.”

The former Fox and NBC correspondent said she “wasn’t trying to push anything bad” onto children and thought she “was being supportive” and “promoting anti-bullying.” Kelly said she now regrets her past positions on the matter. She also said that those who are “not actively fighting” against gender ideology “are part of the problem,” and are hurting people like Ayala. Kelly urged those watching to “fight,” whether it’s through donations or speaking out.

Ayala shared her story on Kelly’s show, detailing how she started using testosterone at 14 after physicians convinced her parents Ayala would commit suicide if they delayed. She also claims she learned to play upon this fear after being “radicalized” online into the ideology. She desisted at 17 but says she is not sure if she will ever be able to have children after years of “gender-affirming care,” despite desisting before undergoing surgeries.

Ayala’s story is one of thousands of similar cases emerging over the last few years as the country grapples with the fallout of the medical and psychological malpractice happening throughout the West. And thanks to stories like hers, people like Kelly were able to wake up to what’s going on and change their approach.

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