New Mexico Gov Signs New Gun Legislation

( – New Mexico Democrats betrayed their inability to grasp how criminals acquire and use firearms as they hailed the approval of four new public safety bills that were signed into law on Monday, March 4.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) approved banning taking firearms into voting locations and the extension of the waiting period for new purchases to a full week. Grisham claimed the move “strikes at the heart” of their state’s problem with gun violence while acknowledging the loss of life due to criminal activity.

Grisham has seemingly disagreed with her own sentiments just hours after they were approved, suggesting that despite fresh signatures for the new laws, she wasn’t sure it was “safe out there” and suggested New Mexican lawmakers need to return to work on additional laws. Her office didn’t confirm that extra sessions were being sought.

Grisham was hotly criticized last year for declaring a “public health emergency” over gun violence and attempting to use the authority derived from the emergency declaration to abrogate the Second Amendment. The emergency order saw Grisham attempt to suspend gun rights in parks and other public areas in Albuquerque after a number of gun fights resulted in dead children.

Grisham prefers to blame inanimate objects for violence instead of the criminal individuals who fire them in public. Her party is a frequent apologist for criminal behavior, including violence. Democrats in major cities often let violent criminals go, especially if they belong to a racial minority or are in the country illegally. Their favorite solution is to restrict gun rights of law-abiding Americans and they make no bones about their disdain for the Second Amendment.

The new prohibitions will not apply to law enforcement, concealed carry permit holders, or licensed dealers transacting amongst themselves. The newly approved legislation will enhance penalties for defendants accused of gun crimes, and will allow judges extra leeway to keep criminal suspects behind bars until their trials are resolved.

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