Santos Claims He’s Now Making More Money

( – Although disgraced former Republican Rep. George Santos of New York may be out of a job and is no longer receiving a federal income of $174,000 annually, he’s found a way to make more money than he ever did in Congress by using the app Cameo.

Shortly after Santos was expelled from his seat in the House of Representatives by a vote of 311 to 114, the controversial politician started an account on the video-sharing app called Cameo. The app allows customers to purchase custom and personalized videos from users who set their prices for the service. Santos has been charging up to $500 for each personalized message, and he’s raking in big bucks.

Santos gave an exclusive interview on CBS New York’s “The Point” on Sunday, December 10, in which he discussed his ousting and colored past. He also discussed his new career.

Host Marcia Kramer asked the former New York representative how much money he’s made so far on Cameo and if he’s “going to surpass the amount” that he “could’ve made in Congress” in a year. Santos only lasted eleven months in Congress.

“By the end of this week,” Santos replied, that will be “factual.” Santos said he’s “made more money in seven days” than he ever “would’ve made” in Congress in a single year.

If there’s anything that best illustrates the state of modern American politics and the Digital Age right now, it is, perhaps, this fact. By mere fame alone, Santos can financially outpace his former colleagues who remain in government.

Santos was booted out of his seat on December 1 following a report from the House Ethics Committee that showed “substantial evidence” Santos broke the law, especially by misusing campaign funds for personal expenses, such as paying down credit cards, botox injections, adult content on OnlyFans, and luxury shopping sprees.

Congress has scheduled a special election for February 13, 2024, to replace Santos and fill the New York 3rd Congressional District seat.

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