Senator’s Son Charged with Manslaughter

( – The son of Republican Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota allegedly led police on a chase that resulted in the death of a sheriff’s deputy and was charged with manslaughter and evading an officer. Reports show Ian Cramer (42) is expected to make his court appearance on accusations of homicide, reckless endangerment, and fleeing from a police officer.

Authorities said Ian’s mother drove him to the Sanford Health emergency department in Bismarck, North Dakota, on Wednesday. Ian took charge of the SUV after exiting. The senator’s son slammed through an emergency room door and escaped through an ambulance bay. One of his sisters traced Ian and alerted the police.

Mercer County deputy reportedly found Ian after over an hour, starting a police chase. After police tried to stop him with a tire deflator, he drove 100 mph on a North Dakota highway. While sheltering behind their vehicles, Beulah Deputy Paul Martin and Chief of Police Frank Senn placed another deflation device. Ian swerved and hit Martin’s patrol vehicle head-on, tossing him 100 feet. Ian tried to flee, but Senn subdued him, wounding him. At the hospital, Martin was pronounced dead, and Ian was assessed and incarcerated.

Senator Cramer said Ian has mental illnesses that cause paranoia and hallucinations in his statement published the following day. He requested prayers for Martin’s family and coworkers.

South Central District Judge Bobbi Weiler gave Ian Cramer a $500,000 cash bond. Before scheduling future hearings, the court ordered Cramer’s mental health assessment. Judge Weiler said early therapy and assessment may speed things along.

Todd Schwartz, the state prosecutor, said Ian Cramer is charged in North Dakota and three other states. Schwartz said drug charges would also be brought. Ian Cramer had allegedly committed crimes in many states complicated by drug use. The consequence was a deceased police officer. According to the prosecutor, Ian Cramer is accused of damaging an ambulance bay at Sanford Hospital, which Bismarck Police are investigating.

Deputy Paul Martin’s funeral service will be conducted at Beulah Public High School.

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