Smugglers Dump Haul into Ocean During Coast Guard Stop

( – A U.S. coast guard bust recently captured a whopping 11,000 pounds of cocaine smugglers were attempting to bring into the country. A press release dated February 26 described the mission by the crew of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter “Alert,” including a description of its 59-day patrol in the Pacific Ocean.

The press release said a “go fast” vessel was spotted by their helicopter crew; that’s a small fast ship that smugglers prefer. The boat refused to stop upon being ordered to do so and was subsequently disabled and boarded. Typically snipers can destroy the engines with well-placed high caliber shots. It wasn’t clear how the vessel was disabled in the report.

After the rest of the crew arrived and gained control of the boat they found dozens of packages containing cocaine which were tossed into the ocean by the suspects. It took them all night to locate and collect all the packages, totaling 11,000 pounds worth roughly $143 million on the street.

The bust represented one of their biggest ever, according to the release. They said the operation dealt criminal drug trafficking cartels “a major blow.” No details about the suspects were released.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officers operating at the Paso Del Norte crossing in Texas busted multiple attempted smugglings all within a five-day period. The busts included one for cocaine, one for marijuana, and three trying to smuggle fentanyl.

CBP Director Ray Provencio suggested that his officers are “ever vigilant” in their duty to protect the entry of illicit substances. An article describing the busts pointed out that one of the drug runners was a minor under 18 years old. She was carrying 617 grams of fentanyl which was revealed during a pat down. That same day, a 31-year-old American man was arrested in possession of 221 grams of the deadly narcotic as he attempted to cross the border.

Another American man, 21-years-old, was discovered with multiple packages of marijuana totaling ~124 pounds in his truck on February 13. On February 15 an American woman was busted with nearly 200 grams of fentanyl concealed within her vagina. On the same day officers also busted a 33-year-old Mexican man attempting to smuggle 31.5 pounds of cocaine.

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