US Continues to Bolster Presence in the Middle East

( – The US is teetering on the brink of full-scale war in the Middle East. In the last few days, a US warship intercepted missiles coming out of Houthi-controlled Yemen headed for Israel, two American bases in Syria were attacked and in Iraq, US military servicemen were fired upon with rockets and drones.

Things are not looking good across the region as tensions rise in the fallout of the Israel-Hamas war.

Two additional carrier groups were deployed to the eastern Mediterranean by the US to remind Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas that should they continue to inflame the conflict, US troops are close by.

President Joe Biden stayed in Israel for seven hours doing a tour announcing support for Israel in their war against Hamas. He attempted to calm some of the blood lust by suggesting that Israeli leadership avoid being blinded by anger. Biden also pledged billions more in financial assistance for Israel, an incredible boon.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken also spent seven hours with the Israeli war cabinet while the military shipped tons of ammunition and other military supplies to Israel.

This is leading many commentators to conclude that the US could become directly embroiled in a hot war in the Middle East. This differs from past actions like the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the 1991 Kuwait-Iraq war. In this latest round of combat, the US and its allies are responding to months of planning by Hamas and its Iranian allies.

The US has plenty of forces and weapons in the area, giving Iran and its allies targets should they want to retaliate through proxy terrorist groups in the region. Israel has bombed Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt in the weeks following Hamas’s attack.

Massive protests and propaganda wars have been initiated by both sides. There was an especially heinous outcry following the bombing of a hospital in Gaza with both sides accusing the other of the attack.

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