Biden Takes Aim at Trump Over Abortion

( – President Joe Biden and his reelection campaign just launched a new ad targeting former President Donald Trump by highlighting Trump’s role in rolling back federally protected abortion rights.

The ad was launched a day after the way was cleared in Florida by the Sunshine State’s Supreme Court for a six-week abortion ban to take effect. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the SB 300, also known as the Heartbeat Protection Act, in April 2023. The act prohibits patients from receiving and physicians from carrying out abortions once an unborn child’s heartbeat is detectible, which is usually around six weeks into pregnancy.

Biden’s ad does not aim at DeSantis, of course, who is no longer in the presidential race, but at the man the president will face in a rematch in November. The ad begins with a clip of Trump saying that, after Republicans have failed for 54 to overturn Roe v Wade, he “did it” and is “proud to have done it.” Trump is referring to appointing three GOP justices to the Supreme Court which created the majority needed to roll back the 1973 federal abortion law in 2022.

The president then appears in the ad and says that Trump ran on this promise in 2016 and that he’s now “running to pass a national ban” on abortions, or what Biden referred to as “a woman’s right to choose.”

Despite the ad’s claim, Trump’s position on the matter is not set in stone. The former president was asked about it in February and said he hasn’t decided yet, admitting that the issue is tricky when trying to win an election. He implied he would consider a 15-week ban on the practice, which his opponents immediately jumped on as full-blown support for a national ban. The following month, Trump reiterated that position in a radio interview.

Trump told Sean Hannity in March that states have since taken the issue to “a vote of their citizens,” and that although “votes are coming out both ways,” most Republicans seem to meet in the middle with “the number 15.” He added that he hasn’t “agreed to a number” yet himself.

Biden presented his Democrat position in a somewhat moderate way by refusing to use the word “abortion” in the ad, which may have to do with his Catholic beliefs, meaning he personally opposes the practice but justifies it as coming down to the woman’s “right to choose.” This has drawn criticism. His Catholic beliefs also came into question

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