Biden Turns to Old Pals to Boost Campaign

( – With his approval ratings in the gutter and former President Donald Trump polling ahead in many key swing states, President Joe Biden is calling on some presidential reinforcements by planning a fundraising event in New York City alongside two former Democratic presidents.

Biden is planning an elaborate fundraising event during which he will be joined by two of his more popular predecessors to help bolster his campaign: former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama will join Biden on stage for a special fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan. The giant party, which could end up being one of the most lucrative in US history, is expected to generate more than $10 million for Biden’s campaign. It’s also the first event of its kind to feature three Democratic presidents.

The conversation between Biden, Obama, and Clinton will be moderated by late-night host and comedian Stephen Colbert, and there are various musical guests scheduled to perform at the party, including Lizzo, Queen Latifah, Cynthia Erivo, Lea Michele, and Ben Platt.

Tickets for the soiree will start around $250 and there will be special perks for big spenders. Those who pay $100,000 or more will have a chance to take a picture with all three Democratic presidents captured by Annie Leibovitz.

Biden’s campaign strategy here is obviously to lean on the popularity of both former presidents, who have more star power than the current president. Clinton left the White House in 2001 with a 65% approval rating, according to Gallup. Obama’s was less, at 58%, but still relatively high. Biden, who served as vice president under Obama, seems to be hoping nostalgia will be enough to sway voters as he battles a 40% approval rating and almost 55% decidedly disapproving of the job he’s doing in the Oval Office.

Although he’s trailing Trump in the polls, Biden maintains a large financial lead over the former president, especially in the wake of Trump’s legal troubles. At the end of February, his campaign had about $71 million, more than twice as much as Trump’s campaign coffers, which had $33.5 million.

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