Billionaire Dubbed Canada’s Jeffrey Epstein

( – A Canadian billionaire is being dubbed the country’s “Jeffrey Epstein” after two more anonymous women have come forward and accused him of manipulating and sexually abusing them as young girls.

Two women, who chose to keep their identities concealed, agreed to do an interview with The Sun, which was published last Friday. In the interview, the two women accused Robert Miller, 80, a wealthy Canadian businessman, of sexually abusing and manipulating them at a young age.

A class-action lawsuit was launched against the Canadian mogul by 41 of his alleged victims, who are seeking $200 million in restitution.

One of the alleged victims told the interviewers that she and Miller met when she was 15. The victim, who the lawsuit identified as “Madame 7,” claims that Miller learned about her “dreams and aspirations” in order to “manipulate” her more efficiently and convince her that he would “take care” of her. Madame 7 added that Miller offered to pay for her college tuition and that she “believed his false promises” because she “was living in poverty.”

The victim also accused Miller of making her “consume alcohol” in order to make her more vulnerable to abuse. Madame 7 alleges that Miller “thought he was a guru” and that “his only goal” was satisfying his “urges.”

The other woman interviewed by The Sun, identified as Madame 46, said she was only 12 when the Canadian businessman started to exploit her. She alleges that she cried at the time and that Miller assured her it was “normal.” She claims the abuse went on until she turned 17.

Miller maintains that he is innocent. According to reports from his employees, he “adamantly and vehemently denies” the allegations, which he described as “malicious,” confirming “they are false.”

The Canadian billionaire has been dubbed “Canada’s Jeffrey Epstein,” a reference to the wealthy socialite arrested in 2019 for trafficking young girls and later found dead in his cell.

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