Comer Speaks Out on Hunter Biden’s Interview

( – After a closed-door testimony by Hunter Biden, Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky said that the House Oversight Committee will continue its investigation into the Biden family until the American people know the truth about how they amassed almost $30 million.

Comer, who is the chair of the Oversight Committee, appeared on Newsmax’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight” on Wednesday, Feb. 28, and rebuked his colleagues in the Democratic Party who denounced and dismissed the investigation into President Joe Biden and the Biden family as a giant nothing burger. The Kentucky congressman said their investigation will go on “until the American people get the truth.”

Comer told host Rob Schmitt that Hunter Biden “played the drug card a lot,” but he could not go into more detail about Hunter Biden’s testimony before the official deposition transcript is released. He said the committee’s efforts to pull out the truth have been “like pulling teeth,” forcing them to go to battle with the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Biden’s legal team, and the White House. Comer said they will “continue fighting” and “getting the truth” to the public because he wants them to “see who they believe.”

Under his chairmanship, the Oversight Committee uncovered evidence indicating the Biden family was involved in various pay-for-play schemes when the president served as vice president in the Obama administration. Comer said it just “doesn’t add up” because the Biden family has received almost $30 million from American “adversaries around the world,” yet what they did and what business they conducted remains unknown.

Comer told Schmitt that the committee still doesn’t know, exactly, “what products or services” the Bidens provided to amass their fortune from foreign nations, which is “what the American people want to know” and what he says is the purpose of the investigation.

After Hunter Biden’s testimony hearing, Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly of Virginia told reporters there weren’t any links connecting Hunter Biden to his father and schemes to peddle their influence to foreign nations. He also said it’s not his party who are afraid of public testimony but the Republicans. Connolly added that the Democratic Party welcomes a public hearing.

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