Criminal Case Against AG Paxton Comes to Abrupt End

( – The criminal case alleging Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton engaged in securities fraud has abruptly ended after nine years and countless thousands were wasted on his prosecution. Paxton was reelected twice and then impeached by his political antagonists. He was able to beat the impeachment, and all the antagonism has only made him more politically connected than ever before.

He’ll pay just under $300,000 in restitution according to an agreement between prosecutors and his lawyers, per an announcement on Tuesday, March 26. The allegations could have landed him in prison, but instead ended up making him a national figure in Republican politics.

Paxton was alleged to have duped investors when he began a tech company in the early 2000s. The FBI is continuing to pursue him with their own investigation, and a lawsuit from former aides have accused him of corruption.

Shortly after his election in 2015, Paxton was indicted on charges of fraud, suggesting his misled investors when acquiring funds for Servergy, a startup tech company. The accusations claimed Paxton inappropriately used his office as a state legislator in 2011 to acquire the funds.

Paxton was accused of failing to report to investors that he was being paid to recruit them. He denied the allegations and slammed the claims as political. Law experts suggested that charges used against Paxton have been historically rarely prosecuted. Legal proceedings were further delayed by allegations of corruption made toward the special prosecutors who were collecting $300/hour from taxpayers while working on the case.

The case languished in legal limbo for over a year until eventually aides from within his office made reports to the FBI claiming corruption involving Austin real estate developer Nate Paul. Paul has been indicted on allegations he made false statements to mortgage lenders. He maintains his innocence and that case is ongoing.

The accusations were weaponized to impeach Paxton, who was acquitted at trial in the Texas Senate. His wife was one of the 19 Republican senators who voted for his acquittal. Paxton also gave an interview with Tucker Carlson discussing the sordid affair and his plans for the future.

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