DC Mayor Wants to Incorporate AI into Government

(TotalConservative.com) – Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser issued an executive order on Thursday, February 8, to explain her administration’s plans for incorporating AI (artificial intelligence) into local governance.

Bowser issued a statement afterward suggesting that the use of AI will allow the city to be more responsible and proactive to locals’ concerns. She also suggested they want to make sure their use of the new technology falls in line with their values and is done responsibly.

The city’s agencies will use the technology to improve delivery of services, analyze data, and increase efficiency, according to the release. Bowser’s order established an advisory group to monitor the deployment of the technology to ensure its use is safe, equitable, accountable, transparent, sustainable and maintains privacy rights.

Local officials are also being tasked with generating procedures, key policies, and documents pertaining to the use of the technology over the rest of 2024. Each city agency is responsible for the development of their own AI plans over the next three years which are subordinate to the city’s Chief Technological Officer.

The city also wanted to include “AI training” protocols at each agency while maintaining privacy and cybersecurity.

Interim CTO Stephen Miller seemed positive about the incorporation of the new technology, suggesting the potential is there to “improve government services” for all D.C. residents.

The announcement of the initiative was held at the Microsoft Center for Innovation and Policy. Local government already uses Microsoft 365 in its regular administration duties. Officials added that they are ready to utilize the Azure AI Government Cloud, another Microsoft program.

President Biden recently signed an executive order a few months back which targets the risky new technology for scrutiny. The order established new safety standards and encouraged companies to be more careful. It requires any company developing AI to notify the federal government of any model that could pose a risk to economic stability, national security, or public health before they begin training it. It also instructed the Commerce Department to look into authentication, including the potential for watermarks on AI-generated content.

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